Fear And Loathing During The August Recess

Nancy Pelosi apparently knows that the summer recess will be no day at the beach for her House minions so she sent them home with special instructions:

Before rank-and-file House Democrats bolted for summer break last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave them each a three-by-eight-inch pocket card and told them never to leave home without it.

For Pelosi and her top aides, the two-sided, blue-and-maroon glossy — a personalized cheat sheet to help Democratic members tell their constituents what they’ll gain from health care reform — is the key to winning the critical month of August.

So what do these magical three by eight inch blue and maroon glossy Rosetta Stones say?

Pelosi’s pocket card allows members to rattle off district-specific facts about small-business tax credits, Medicare Part D coverage and access for the uninsured.

The speaker cradled one of the cards in her hand as she spoke to reporters Friday.

“There will be a drumbeat across America, a positive drumbeat across America about what this means for the American people,” she said. “For them individually and their families, for our businesses to be more competitive, for our economy to be dynamic, for our budget to be more in balance by reducing the upward spiral of health care costs having an impact on our entitlements.”

Small business tax credits? Business competitiveness? Budget balancing? Who is she kidding? Pelosi’s talking points are a reminder that a more vivid example of political cross dressing could not be imagined. No one buys the budget balancing meme and small business knows that ObamaCare is a net drain on already diminishing small business cash flow.

Democrats are already anticipating a recess that resembles a political abbatoir. Many Left Wing opinion blogs are on full alert because of recent robust and animated townhall meetings that have turned out badly for Democrats in their home districts. Any Civil War historian would see that Speaker Pelosi is becoming the Ambrose Burnside of the Democratic House leadership.

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