The Palins are NOT getting Divorced

Sarah Palin’s official response is at Stacy McCain’s place:

“Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I’m not blind!”

— SARAH PALIN, 5:35 p.m. ET

More from Meg Stapleton, Sarah Palin’s communications manager, at Sarah’s Facebook page:

Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).

Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it.

Meg Stapleton

Update: In an email Bookworm, a blogger friend, says this about liberal bloggers: “They can’t tell the truth about Obama, but they can publish every lie and rumor about Sarah.”


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