Strange Brew

Just embarrassing.

That’s the best way to describe President Obama’s “Beer Summit”, scheduled today at the White House picnic table between Obama, Professor Gates, and Sgt. Crowley.

It is just a nauseating display of how low Obama will go to cover and deflect what has become an exercise in poor judgment, when he belched up his un-informed opinion that the Cambridge PD had “acted stupidly” in its actions toward Mr. Gates.

Maybe Eric Holder was right when he said we are a “nation of cowards” when it comes to race.

Are perceptive citizens not supposed to act on suspicious activity out of concern they may be branded “racist” due to their rightful cautions?

This pathetic photo op is nothing more than a temporary way to deflect attention away from Obama and the internal strife occurring within the Democratic congressional ranks concerning his monstrous Health Scare reform.

With his job approval ratings slipping a bit this past month and approval of government run health care falling below 40%, interjecting a sideshow of racial politics reeks of premature desperation.

If he really wanted to make a profound, meaningful statement concerning the “Gates-gate” debacle, he would have invited Lucia Whalen to the White House, the woman who had guts enough to call 911 about a possible break-in occurring at the Gates home.

From USA Today:

Lucia Whalen spoke publicly for the first time Wednesday about her role in the incident that ignited a national furor over race relations and racial profiling. In a halting and nervous voice, she said she was hurt by the vitriol aimed at her on the phone and Internet. “I was called a racist and was a target of scorn and ridicule because of things I never said,” she said at a news conference in Cambridge, Mass. Her husband, Paul, and her attorney, Wendy Murphy, stood at her side.

Whalen, 40, a Harvard employee who works near Gates’ home, said she’d make the call again if she had to.

Murphy said Gates, Crowley and Obama overreacted. Whalen, she said, was the only one who did the right thing. “The three highly trained guys who reacted badly are getting together for a beer,” Murphy said. “The one person whose actions have been exemplary will be at work tomorrow in Cambridge. I don’t know, maybe it’s a guy thing. She doesn’t like beer anyway.

The company isn’t too desirable, either.

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