Nothing New About Jersey

Politically, New Jersey is a joke.

Packed like lemmings into a tiny, stinking janitorial closet between New York and Philadelphia, the stench of corruption reeks like an open-air drive past Cancer Alley over the Raritan Bridge.

In my groggy state of recuperation from my surgery, I heard, without surprise, about the 44 arrests in a corruption probe of July the 23rd, 29 arrests of which were elected officials, and one community leader which concerned a bizarre case of underground organ donor selling (eek).

This, on the heels of Barack Obama’s July 16th rally for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine’s election campaign. Ah, poetic justice has been delivered.

One. Count ’em, one, of the 29 arrested public officials was a Republican. The rest were Democrats.

Mayors and representatives of some of the largest cities and municipalities in the state were snagged in the probe for bribery and graft.

If this were a gaggle of corrupt Republicans, fuggetaboutit.

And if anyone knows about politics in NJ, the Democrats are one big happy family.

This is starting to stink straight to the top.

While there has been no connection between Corzine and the corruption allegations, rumors are starting to fly about replacing him as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming governor’s race. Like the ghost of Robert Torricelli past, Democrats are starting to have their doubts about a flailing and failing Corzine. Whispers of replacing him with someone who doesn’t reek of budget problems, failed promises, and public relations disasters abound.

Corzine is a terrible candidate. He has no charisma, no likability, and nothing in common with the average New Jerseyian. He bought his way into a senate seat, and poured $65 million of his own money into winning the governorship.

Corzine is going up against former Attorney General Chris Christie. A man who won over 130 out of 130 corruption indictments against scuzzy public officials.

This makes Christie look like a knight in shining armor. If he’s smart, he’ll bet all in on this one.

Corzine is already in attack mode, with hollow negative ads running against Christie, ad nauseum.

Obama’s coattails aren’t big enough for Corzine to glide on, and I don’t think any amount of money is going to convince people that he deserves another chance to fail at his duties.

Obama should concede this one, and run away as fast as he can.

Corzine is ripe to fall.

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