This Time It’s Personal

Lorie Byrd has an excellent column up at Townhall. In it she writes that one of the main reasons why people are so concerned about this huge overhaul of health care is because unlike many other issues the government oversees, this one is deeply personal. Here’s a portion:

President Obama’s approval ratings have dropped significantly over the past few weeks, at the same time he is trying to push his brand of health care reform through Congress. Whether the drop is a result of recent economic news, or specifically tied to his health care agenda, it will impact how likely he is to get the plan he wants passed.

There are many possible reasons the president is experiencing a decline in his job performance approval rating, not the least of which is because many people now realize his policies have very personal implications.

At a recent neighborhood function a woman asked me what I thought of President Obama’s health care proposals. I asked her what she thought. She told me she is a registered Democrat and most of the time she doesn’t really think what politicians do affects Americans on a personal basis.

She said it is different when it comes to the issue of health care though. What the government does on that issue can affect Americans in the most personal way possible. Health care was the issue she based her vote on in 2008 and she voted for McCain. There were, no doubt, many other Americans who voted for Obama based on the same issue.

Read all of it.

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