Terror Suspects Arraigned in NC

This is big breaking news in my area (via WTVD):

A federal grand jury has indicted seven people on terrorism related charges in North Carolina.

Daniel Boyd, 39, and six others are charged with providing material support to terrorism.

The Justice Department in Washington says Boyd, who is a US citizen, trained in Afghanistan and fought there against the Soviets between 1989 and 1992, and when he returned to the United States he recruited others.

The six others are:

Hysen Sherif, 24, a native of Kosovo and a legal permanent resident of the U.S.

Anes Subasic, 33, a naturalized citizen of the U.S.

Zakiriya Boyd, 20, a citizen of the U.S.

Dylan Boyd, 22, a citizen of the U.S.

Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22, a citizen of the U.S.

Ziyad Yaghi, 21, a naturalized citizen of the U.S.

The federal indictment alleges that the seven plotted to support terroristic activities in countries outside the United States – including acts of murder, kidnapping and maiming persons.There are reports that the Johnston County Sheriff’s Department has a road in Willow Spring, NC blocked and are only allowing residents to pass. Willow Spring is reportedly where Boyd resides.

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