Michigan Democrats want Gitmo Detainees

Democrats from Michigan surveyed the disastrous condition their home state is in and determined that there simply weren’t enough people fleeing, so they decided moving the Gitmo detainees would fix that problem:

Some Democratic lawmakers from Michigan are viewing the Guantanamo detainees as a possible means of boosting their state’s finances, legislators say.

Several Democrat members in the U.S. House and Senate are floating the idea of housing detainees from the U.S. detention facility in Cuba in Michigan prisons set to close because of the state’s budget crunch, The Hill reported Friday.

The move would save or create jobs in a state with the nation’s highest unemployment rate of 15.4 percent.

Democratic Sen. Carl Levin and Reps. Bart Stupak and Dale Kildee say Michigan prisons could house the Gitmo detainees as long as nearby residents and state and local officials agreed to the move.

I am a Michigan resident and a constituent of Rep. Bart Stupak’s and Senator Carl Levin’s. Just in case they are unsure how I would feel about Gitmo detainees being moved here, let me make it crystal clear: NO FREAKING WAY!!!

Got that, gentlemen?

Update: I just called Rep. Stupak’s office and told him “no freaking way!”, respectfully of course. If you are from Michigan or have family in Michigan, please call your representatives in state or federal government and tell them the same thing.

This whole thing is outrageous. The state’s leadership in Lansing is killing jobs because their policies are shockingly anti-business. However, instead of changing those laws so they are more business friendly, our brilliant leaders think a better idea is to bring in the Gitmo detainees, those same detainees who were on a mission to destroy America. Sadly, Michigan’s Democrats are doing what the terrorists couldn’t.

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