Blue Dog Democrats Resent Obama Giving Voters Pitchforks

President Obama, executing the ready, fire, aim drill he has perfected since January, yesterday “lashed out at Republicans for following a “familiar script” to “block healthcare reform.” Diverting attention from the elephant in the room (pardon the pun, it’s really a donkey) the President conveniently ignored that he doesn’t need the Republicans to get this health care Trojan horse inside the gates. Those urgent meetings he was having in the White House yesterday were with Democrats:

But the bill has been bogged down by concerns among Blue Dog Democrats, who say the bill doesn’t cut enough costs, and by freshman Democrats, many of whom oppose an income surtax on the wealthy to help pay the cost of the $1 trillion overhaul.

Making matters worse, Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee said privately that the universe of opposition extends far beyond the Blue Dogs and freshmen who have gotten the most attention simply because they’ve been the most vocal in demanding changes.

And then there is that Senate Cap and Trade knife still sticking in the back of some of those moderate Democrat Congressmen that dutifully walked the plank for Cap and Trade (only to find out the bill is DOA in the Senate):

Some members want to wait to see what the more conservative Senate will do so that members don’t have to make tough votes on issues, like raising taxes, that are difficult to get through the upper chamber.

As more polls show the President and Congress are pushing a scheme that voters have wised up to, it’s beginning to look like Charlie Rangel is the only Democrat that willing to say the obvious:

No one wants to tell the speaker that she’s moving too fast and they damn sure don’t want to tell the president,” Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., a key committee chairman, told a fellow lawmaker as the two walked into a closed-door meeting. The remark was overheard by reporters”

What is remarkable is the sight of rubbernecking Democrats driving by the political pile up at the Capitol Hill intersection of ignorance and arrogance. Once comfortable that they would be settling into several terms of Democratic majorities, many are now wondering if they can escape the voter wrath that is sweeping the nation. Some moderates may be wondering if this President will stand between them and the pitchforks.

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