Excellent: Voters Rebelling Against Government Run Health Care

Michelle Malkin posted this video in which St. Louis Rep. Russ Carnahan gets laughed by constituents at when he claims the House health care reform bill HR 3200 will save money. Pay close attention to the end when a constituent asks “If it’s so great why doesn’t Congress have to be on it.” The video comes to a close immediately after than, but check out Carnahan’s face and demeanor. You know he heard that question and doesn’t quite know how to react. It’s fabulous.

Update: Kevin Jackson, the man who asked why Congress won’t be included in this new and wonderful health care plan wrote about his experience at the Carnahan town hall. It’s a must read.

Allahpundit linked to his video where a man tells Secretary Sebelius and others “it will be a cold day in hell before you’ll be socializing my country.” The crowd erupts into applause and cheers. Poor Secretary Sebelius. She’s visibly shocked and dismayed at how the peasants are beginning to revolt.

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