AIP Column: Scorched Earth Policies

Today my column at American Issues Project addresses the massive push by Obama and his allies in Congress to pass both health care and cap and trade even though polls show tepid if not outright resistance to both programs. This is my conclusion:

We can’t help but ask why the president and his allies in Congress are in such a rush to pass these two massive programs when the programs could send our country’s economy over the precipice and into national bankruptcy. The key is 2010. The American people are becoming more and more disgusted with the enormous spending sprees that Obama and the left in Congress have enjoyed for the past six months, and which we have all just learned have driven the deficit to $1.2 trillion. Peter Ferrera at The American Spectator is predicting that the 2010 elections will be a “political earthquake” as conservatives turn out leftists, statists, and Obama-loyal Blue Dogs in droves on both federal and state levels. The desperation that Obama and the Democrats are exhibiting as they bulldoze these programs through, which they are willing to do even if that requires only Democrats voting for them, seems to indicate that they are sensing the same type of earthquake is coming and that they had better move forward at mach speed.

Obama and his statist allies know they may very well lose control of seats in Congress in 2010, so if they sense impending electoral doom, it may explain the frenetic pace at which they are working to put their dream policies permanently in place, even if it means sending America’s economy on a runaway train to bankruptcy. This is scorched earth politics at its most cynical, because once Cap and Trade and a government-run health care system are passed and implemented, they will be virtually impossible to reverse. And that is something that Obama and his allies are counting on.

You can read all of it and comment on it as well at American Issues Project.

My argument is supported by the fact that Obama and his statist allies in Congress are dismissing the warnings from the CBO that health care on top of current federal spending is unsustainable:

Today CBO delivered letters to Senators Kent Conrad and Judd Gregg that respond to their request for information about the features of health care reform proposals that would affect federal spending on health care over the long term. In the absence of significant changes in policy, rising costs for health care will cause federal spending to grow much faster than the economy, putting the federal budget on an unsustainable path.

Obama is completely ignoring the CBO’s warnings and is pushing ahead on his agenda anyway, as he announced today. In fact, he’s using a full court press to get it done and has scheduled a prime time press conference on Wednesday night. I am predicting he will use thee exact same scare tactics he used to get his disaster of a stimulus bill passed and will describe how our economy is on a path to doom and catastrophe if we don’t get his health care reform bill passed.

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