Blogrolls are so 2004…

Wizbang was one of the originators of the massive blogroll and we probably played some roll in their eventual de- emphasize at sites like Technorati. The sheer management nightmare of maintaining our blogrolls directly led me to de-emphasis it.

One of the problems with blogrolls is that things change over time, and you’ll have a link to a site that eventually goes dead, or worse becomes property of a domain squatter or porn merchant. In those cases some pretty nasty stuff can creep into your blogroll simply because you rarely remove stuff from a blogroll once its been added. That actually happened to us with Allah’s original Blogspot link.

Starting next week, after a thorough review, we’ll be converting our existing blogroll (displayed on the Links tab above whenever the lame service decides to work) to a linkroll displayed on the front page. RSS feeds for the sites on our linkrolls will be aggregated and the most recent links automatically displayed in the sidebar at Wizbang. This ensures that all sites through front page display so long as they keep publishing.

I’ve just finished testing out the feature at Wizbang Pop! and it’s working very well.

We’ll also be adding a contact form where you can suggest links.

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