Hatin' Palin

Just to pass some time the day after Sarah Palin announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska, I decided to roam around the internet and see what types of words and phrases were being used to describe not just her actions, but her as a person.

These examples come from blogs, newspapers, TV, comment sections, etc. Some were from political sites and platforms, some not.

Keep in mind, these are all examples used to describe Mrs. Palin after just a 6 minute, 50 second resignation speech. After just a bit of reading this, I was exhausted.

Anyway, here is but a few minutes of surfing. (Warning: Some of it gets a bit explicit):

Bizarre, nutty puppy, sociopath, silly, weirdness, quitter, depressed, a tool, megalomaniac, rubbish, non-coherent, white-trash, Mark Sanford’s soul mate, illogical, Caribou Barbie, rambling, not cognitive, wingnut, Michael Jackson’s supplier, she’s pregnant, Bristol’s pregnant, Willow’s pregnant, Todd is leaving her, stupid, starred in “Specs Appeal VI (a porno about women in glasses), Todd is pregnant, she is “tea bagging” the Appalachian Trail, manager of the Wasilla Dairy Queen, illiterate, “in a scandal with hookers and blow”, horrible, clueless, Fox news host, imbecile, she was “fucking John McCain”, twit, run on a platform for more retardation, meth addict, dangerous, has the moral fiber of Satan.

One said “Sarah Palin seeks to control your thoughts and eliminate your basic human freedoms.”

Just a couple of clicks revealed that.


I am constantly amazed that this woman, who supposedly has not the education, insight, or ambition to reach an office of substance, has the type of effect on liberals that holy water had on Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

The disdain these people have for this one “incompetent” woman speaks volumes as to their collective self-esteem issues.

The punditry suggests that she did this on a long 4th of July weekend so it would not garner much attention.

Are these people kidding? Anything she would do at any time would garner this type of hyperventilating coverage.

While I believe she chose to do it on this particular holiday weekend, I believe it was meant to send a message more in keeping with the reasons for our observation of this holiday: Freedom, independence, individualism, and spirit. That is what I feel is the reason as to the timing.

Whether this has to do with cranking up a 2012 Presidential run, I have my doubts. However, the idea of her “quiting” due to the difficulties of scrutiny is disingenuous and bogus. The minute Barack Obama was sworn into his Illinois senate seat, he was off to the 2008 presidential races. The difference between the Governorship and one Senate seat out of a hundred is that as Governor, you actually have to make decisions. Obama had the luxury of voting “present” during his phony tenure as a Senator. Governor Palin has no such option.

That said, how many times, from the left and the right, have we heard there is no “voice”, no messenger with which people can relate to coming from the Republican leadership and those in the Conservative spectrum.

Governor Palin may not have her eyes set on the 2012 Presidential Race, and that may be a wise decision, but there is no denying the void that exists between our elected officials on the right and the people of this country.

Sarah Palin is genuine. She may not be a policy wonk, but considering where the current Wonk-in-Chief has gotten us, that’s not a bad thing. She also has the “it” factor. If not for her, McCain’s defeat would have been Carteresque in its legacy. His “campaign suspension” should go down as one of the biggest and most disastrous purposeful blunders in the history of American politics.

The economy got Obama elected, not McCain’s choice of a running mate. If anything, it saved him from sheer embarrassment.

Sarah Palin seems an extremely capable, driven person. One who could easily fill a void. One to be the voice, not necessarily of politicians trying to get their message across, but a voice for us, trying to get ours across.

There is no need for Sarah Palin to “re-brand” or “rehabilitate” herself. No need to change her image. Political bomb throwers, leftist loons, and jealous media shrews like Maureen Dowd have their opinion of her, and they ain’t changing. That’s a good thing. Know thy enemies..

Sarah Palin came out of nowhere. Governor of Alaska. America’s North Pole. Look at what she has done with it. Garnering tens of thousands of people at large gatherings, they weren’t there to see John McCain. She still commands attention from the media, who report every little thing, whether true or not, about this woman, her job, and unfortunately, her family.

Her love of Alaska notwithstanding, she has now thrown off the shackles of that far off land, allowing her, if she wants, to become whatever she wants.

There’s not much one with such drive and ambition can truly accomplish from up there. And what there is to accomplish there, she has done it.

The end of Sarah Palin?

I don’t think so.

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