Tea Party Weekend

Over at Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds has assembled a great roundup of photos and summaries from dozens of July 4th Tea Party protests around the nation. The overall turnout for these protests was very encouraging considering the fact that so many Americans travel out of town to celebrate the 4th of July.

Here in Oklahoma City, the organizers of the first two OKC Tea Party protests (held February 27th and April 15th of this year) canceled their plans for a July 4th Tea Party, in favor of a larger protest to be held on September 12. You can read more about the “912 Project” founded by talk radio and Fox News personality Glenn Beck here.


But another group of citizens seized this opportunity and organized a “Sooner Tea Party” for July 4th. I wasn’t able to attend the protest, but reports seem to indicate a decent-sized crowd (1500 or more) and a rally that captured the spirit of the nationwide Tea Party movement.

With the death of Michael Jackson and the resignation of Sarah Palin filling the weekend news cycle, there was little coverage of the Tea Party protests in the national news media. And there has been virtually no ridicule of the Tea Parties from the usual liberal suspects during the past few weeks. Liberals greatly overplayed their hand on April 15th with their non-stop barrage of tasteless and crude “teabagging” comments. Perhaps now they are hoping that if they just ignore the Tea Party protests, the movement will quietly fade away.

But as long as government continues spend recklessly while the economy teeters on the edge of what could turn out to be a very deep double-dip recession, the Tea Party movement won’t be going anywhere.

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