This Man Has No Shame

Another day, another Obama infomercial.

President Barack Obama held a townhall style meeting today, one in which the audience was “hand-picked” by White House staffers.

It was conveniently “moderated” by White House domestic policy chief Valerie Jarrett.

Questioners included members from, gag, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and the group Health Care For America Now.

The other questions from the audience were also hand-picked by Obama’s casting crew, er, I mean, staff.

At one point, Obama just happened to pick a woman, named Debbie Smith, who, by pure coincidence, is a volunteer for Obama’s “Organizing For America” group. She received tickets through the White House staff. Debbie proceeded to give a tear-jerker of a speech concerning her kidney cancer and how she cannot get health insurance, nor a job.

Obama, in an “I feel your pain” moment, hugged her, and told her she would receive help immediately. (Hallelujah! Can I git an “Amen”?!)

Just another example of honesty taking a back seat to Obama’s agenda.

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