Thank you, Eric Holder, for your honesty

Last week, during Senate hearings on the proposed Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions offered the following hypothetical scenario to Attorney General Eric Holder: “[A] minister gives a sermon, quotes the Bible about homosexuality, is thereafter attacked by a gay activist because of what the minister said about his religious beliefs and what Scripture says about homosexuality.” Sessions then wanted to know if the minister would be protected under the new proposed hate crimes legislation, because he was attacked specifically because of his religious views. AG Holder responded:

Well, the statute would not — would not necessarily cover that. We’re talking about crimes that have a historic basis. Groups who have been targeted for violence as a result of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, that is what this statute tends — is designed to cover. We don’t have the indication that the attack was motivated by a person’s desire to strike at somebody who was in one of these protected groups. That would not be covered by the statute.

Later in the hearing, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn asked AG Holder about last month’s attack on a US Army recruiting office in Little Rock by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a radical Muslim, that left Pvt. William Long dead and Private Quinton Ezeagwula seriously wounded. The recruiting office and soldiers were targeted simply because they represented the US military. Again, Holder responded:

There’s a certain element of hate, I suppose. What we’re looking for here in terms of the expansion of the statute are instances where there is a historic basis to see groups of people who are singled out for violence perpetrated against them because of who they are. I don’t know if we have the same historical record to say that members of our military have been targeted in the same way that people who are African-American, Hispanic, people who are Jewish, people who are gay, have been targeted over — over the many years.

Thank you, AG Holder, for clearing up the real purpose behind “hate crime” laws — they are designed only to protect “historic” minorities, i.e. non-whites, homosexuals, and non-Christians. If you are white, or associated with a belief system akin to Christianity, and you are singled out as the target of a criminal act solely because of the color of your skin or your religious beliefs, you have no additional recourse against the perpetrators of the crime under the proposed law.

For example, Mormons living in California who have been the targets of various criminal acts committed by gay extremists including vandalism, extortion, and verbal and physical attacks would not be victims of “hate crimes” per se, even though they were targeted by gay extremists solely because of their affiliation with the Mormon church.

In an excellent opinion piece discussing the recent tiff between “Perez Hilton” (Mario Lavandeira) and Will.I.Am, the black frontman of the Black Eyed Peas, Andrew Breitbart made the following observation:

The calculus of political correctness is like roshambo, the “rock-paper-scissors” game. Different identity groups hold specific levels of power over others when their battles play out in the media. To wit: Black beats white. Gay beats white. Black beats gay.

Don’t ask why. It just is.

Of course conservatives have understood this for some time now, and we have delighted in insulting the legions of perpetually morally superior liberals bydaring to ask why on a regular basis. Seriously though, this is the fundamental reason why conservatives have always opposed hate crimes laws — we believe that it would be a travesty for our legal system to prostrate itself before a fleeting and shallow fad like political correctness. And we are always thankful when liberals finally admit the shallowness behind their line of reasoning.

(For the record, a 2004 ABC News investigation found little evidence of an anti-gay “hate crime” in the death of Matthew Shepard. Instead, they found that the likely cause of Shepard’s death was the drug-induced rage of the primary perpetrator, Aaron McKinney, who went on to assault and rob yet another victim on the same night, after Shepard had been already beaten and left to die.)

h/t Rush Limbaugh

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