Does Barack Obama Like Democracy?

Earlier this month Iranians took to the streets to protest what they saw as being fraudulent elections perpetrated by the repressive Iranian regime. In response, the regime worked to squash the protests by beating and killing Iranians in the street. America’s president Barack Obama would not stand up and support real democracy in Iran. It took him days to say anything, and when Obama finally said something, it was so milquetoast it was embarrassing. It took him two or three more times to actually show any kind of backbone toward the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad, and even then it was obviously a reluctant gesture as he still didn’t put his full support behind the protesters and their fight for freedom and democracy.

Now there’s a upheaval in Honduras as its former president, Manuel Zelaya, tried to unilaterally – and illegally – change his country’s constitution so he could increase his power. In other words, he wanted to tyrannically force himself onto the Honduran people. As a result, the Honduran Supreme Court stepped in to protect its country’s constitution and ordered that Zelaya be removed from office. The military complied with that court order and now Zelaya is in exile in Costa Rica.

This time Barack Obama was quick to jump in and cry foul at Zelaya’s removal by calling the Supreme Court’s actions “not legal.” He also has put his full support behind the ousted dictator by declaring that he is the only truly democratically elected leader of Honduras. Obama has joined with, of all people, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and Fidel Castro in condemning Zelaya’s removal.

So, this is the pattern that is forming with Obama: he refuses to support democracy in Iran by denouncing the fraudulent elections and supporting the protesters. At the same time he supports Zelaya’s Chavez-inspired attempts to illegally change Honduras’ constitution so it helps him maintain power, and denounces the Honduran Supreme Court’s attempts to protect its constitution.

Based upon these two examples alone I have to ask: does President Obama like and respect democracy or is he deep down a latent and wannabe dictator himself?

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