Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything,” as the saying goes.

The Obama administration has some fortuitous timing.

While the media and the country should have been debating the ramifications of the disastrous “cap and trade” bill, they were off drooling over one quirky man.

The media coverage of Michael Jackson’s passing has been sickening. His death no less a circus than was his life.

Yes, he was an individual with uncanny talent, both in music and dance. Someone who touched untold amounts of people with his abilities, providing joy and inspiration to young and old alike.

Strip back the veneer of that talent, and you are left with an emotionally fragile, pathetic man. A man whose unrelenting self esteem issues manifested themselves into grotesque physical alterations and bizarre emotional behavior, leading to drug abuse, unimaginable debt, and pedophilic tendencies.

The shock of his sudden death has enabled many in the media and society to gloss over the undesirable attributes of the man, leading to some unhealthy and obsessive reporting.

He was not a president. Not a spiritual leader. He saved no lives with his inventions. Altered no course of history and was not a noble role model.

He was an emotional wreck who happened to have a gift for entertainment. His odd behavior was a detriment to himself and others who were too young to understand it.

There are important events unfolding in the world right now. Things in this country which will have an actual impact on the lives of us all, born and unborn.

Things that matter.

Let’s get on with it.

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