Invite Syria To The B-B-Que, Too.

The Obama Administration has decided to send an ambassador to Syria, after a four year absence.

Despite Syria’s support of terror organizations like Hezbollah, its interference in Lebonese politics, and its arming of terrorists in Iraq against US forces, it seems Obama’s willingness to cozy up to any Arab nation opposed to Israel is just too much of an attraction for him to pass up.

From the Jerusalem Post:

“It did not make any sense to us not to be able to speak with an authoritative voice in Damascus,” a senior administration official was quoted by The Washington Post as saying. “It was our assessment that total disengagement has not served our interests.”

“We’re determined to engage in a comprehensive way in the region,” the official said. “This is an important step we are taking as part of that strategy.”

In addition, Syrian President Bashar Assad said:

“Peace demands an Israeli partner and a commitment to international law, UN resolutions, and the principle of land for peace,” Assad said during a press conference in Greece. “An Israeli partner currently does not exist.”

Land for peace?

In other words, Israel needs to give up the Golan Heights, which it rightfully won in the 1967 Six-Day War. A war in which it was attacked.

Once again, it is Israel who is subjected to concessions.

There is no end to the hypocrisy which is Obama.

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