Forget Everything The President Said In February

At his press conference today President Obama “>stimulus bill was passed on February 17,2009. On April 24,2009, a mere seventy days later, the Obama administration released the assumptions it used to conduct the bank stress tests among which was a worst case unemployment scenario of 10.4%. Today, two months later, the President says the full depths of our economic situation were not apparent in February. But they were apparent in April. Go figure.

If this administration can’t accurately forecast four months into the future why should anyone believe anything they say about healthcare, like this:

Obama stressed the intensity of Congressional work on the issue and insisted that the financial hurdles could be overcome. “I am very optimistic about the progress,” he said. “We will find the money though savings and efficiencies within the health care system.

The President has admitted he failed with the unemployment forecast. Why should voters believe him when he says he can create vague “savings and efficiencies” in healthcare? It is manifestly clear that the Obama administration and Congress are just winging it now.

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