A Missed Opportunity?

It is no secret that President Obama is a narcissist. A man who has an opinion on everything (valid or bogus). You can tell he savors listening to himself talk, admiring his words as they scroll by effortlessly on his teleprompter.

That said, his silence concerning the Iranian elections is as telling as anything ever spoken by him.

The protest against the sham elections in Iran is a tectonic world event, in a region bubbling with insecurity and an unknown future. It is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, waiting only for someone with enough vision to seize the moment. Kennedy had the Cuban Missile crisis. Reagan had the collapse of the USSR, Bush had 9-11. All situations where a single person could change the parameters of the situation by taking and acting on a principled stand.

Obama has chosen to play a weak hand in this round. Not wanting to endanger his possible dealings with Amhedenijad, but also not wanting to project the possible perception of U.S. imperialism. His fear of looking like a puppeteer in the muslim world has paralyzed him, rendering him impotent, and looking weak in the eyes of the world.

The ramifications of the outcome of this election are so profound for the Middle East, it begs for U.S. leadership. A strong voice, an ally to all those Iranian men and women who we’ve heard for years had an underlying yearning for a more open, free, democratic society.

His hour long “muslim” speech was geared toward endearing him to the muslin world, attempting to bridge the chasm between muslims and the west.

What better way to do this than to support the men and women of Iran in this time of upheaval.

The term “revolution” has been whispered in recent days.

Make no mistake: The potential is there, waiting to be nurtured. Visionaries are the ones who change the world. Not self-loving politicians who view events from afar, biding their time in hopes of smoother waters.

His view that everything wrong in the Middle East is tied to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is near-sighted. Solving that conflict will not prevent Iran from attempting to obtain nuclear weapons. Arab states in that region don’t care about the Palestinians. They only care about the destruction of Israel, and death to all Jews.

It is a travesty that the leader of the United States, a country born of revolution, the freest nation on Earth, has nothing to offer these people.

No encouragement. No vows of solidarity. Nothing.

Do something, Mr. President.

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