Dhimmi Carter

This little tidbit is just classic:

From the Jerusalem Post:

Hamas said it foiled an attempt by Palestinian terrorists to assassinate former US president Jimmy Carter during his visit to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, Palestinian sources told news agencies.

Israeli security sources said that the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) had learned of plans to target Carter and had passed on the information to the former president’s security detail in “real time.”

According to Palestinian sources, terrorists linked with al Qaida hid a number of improved explosive devices along a road that Carter’s convoy was scheduled to travel on inside Gaza. Hamas forces reportedly uncovered the IEDs and destroyed them.

Ismail Shahwan, spokesman for the Hamas Ministry of the Interior, denied that an Al-Qaeda-linked group had planned to assassinate Carter.

The way to stop this is through dialogue and peace, Carter told reporters.

Claiming he had to “hold back tears” while surveying the Gaza strip, he declared Hamas should be removed from the U.S. list of terrorist organizations.

The very people he sheds his tears of solidarity for try to assassinate him, and its the Israeli’s who save his sorry ass. A more poignant irony could not be found.

This man is an embarrassment to his country. He is a blight on the presidency and a treasonous soul.

His obsession with the Palestinians, and Hamas in particular, borders on the bizarre.

As long as Hamas is allowed to operate and is supported by the Palestinians, there will never be a chance for actual peace between them and Israel.

And as long as there are stooges like Carter around to legitimize terrorists, they will feel emboldened to continue perpetuating evil.

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