Wizbang Status Update

Greetings all. Sorry for the delay in returning to normal service. Wizbang (all sites) should be back up running at full steam Monday morning.

Monday afternoon I will export all the content (posts and comments) from this backup site and import it to Wizbang. That will ensure that everything from the weekend is published on the new server. The winners for the Caption Contest will be announced late Monday evening.

We’ll be on a new server in the morning will all the data from Thursday (and before) in place. It’s been a long process, hampered by the fact I was on a plane all day Friday.

Monday morning I’ll change the DNS so you reach the main Wizbang site. I’ll also redirect this site to the Wizbang server IP address so you can reach us if the DNS server propagation hasn’t reached you…

I know some of you will miss the spartan look here, but I’m working on cleaning up the old template code and design, and adding a more open comment registration system, just like we have here. It’s not easy with 5 years of material to reprocess….

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