CBS News calls Ahmadinejad Iran's George W. Bush

This is an outrage! CBS has a piece on their website that is so out of line it’s one of the most agregious and disgusting examples of media malpractice I think I have ever seen. CBS News has this headline over the New Republic’s article about Iran’s election debacle: “Meet Iran’s George W. Bush.” Thanks to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for not just bringing this to me but for capturing the screen cap so CBS can’t take it down without people seeing their propaganda and lies in full color:


Ahmadinejad is an evil dictator who is killing his own citizens in the streets because they are expressing their outrage at how he rigged the election through massive voter fraud. This creep also has his goons beat women in public for showing their hair. He bans satallite television. He has young girls executed when it was they who were raped. Ahmandinejad has the soul of the devil, and CBS calls him Iran’s George W. Bush. Disgraceful!

This is supposed to be a legitimate news organization but they’ve proven themselves to be nothing but a black hole in which truth, fairness, and decency are sucked in to never be seen or heard from again. No wonder mainstream media news outlets, especially CBS, are losing viewers, readers, and listeners when they are incapable of reporting anything but lies like this.

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