Not With A Bang But A Whimper

Its been three days since President Obama gave his much hyped speech to the world’s muslim population.

How’d it go?

(sound of crickets chirping)

The speech, consisting of gilded words and inflated rhetoric, was rife with historical inaccuracies and light on material importance.

Impotent does not begin to describe it.

News outlets are having a hard time finding any actual muslims who were impressed, moved, or otherwise awake for it. Other than a few Arab leaders paying polite lip service, no noteworthy impact has been felt at all.

Mr. Obama’s speech was a failure.

That is, however, unless its original intent was to further drive a wedge between the U.S. and Israel, who he effectively tossed under the bus.

This speech was less about muslims and the “rift’ between the west and them as it was about trying to bind Arabs together in unison to condemn Israel on the flimsy issue of settlement construction.

His comments on Iran were few and hollow, often submissive in tone, and conciliatory in nature.

Obama actually believes that if there is a “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians, he will have leverage over Iran and its nuclear ambitions.

Iran does not care a lick about peace in the region. It wants to be the main player. The destruction of the Jewish state is at the top of the list, and no amount of warmed over offerings from a verbose Obama is going to change that.

There was no evidence presented in Obama’s speech that he is going to attempt a significant push at stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and power. As such, he has shown that he expects and accepts Iran obtaining this power, thus anticipating a policy of containment, and not non-proliferation.

A gutless stance by a neophyte politician.

This trip was an abject failure for Obama.

No amount of spin from his fawning media can convince otherwise.

Next time, he should crack open a history book before making an ass out of himself.

And his country.

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