Dealergate II

This morning brings news that Penske Automotive Group gas hand wringing and hysteria that Democrats and the legacy media have shown in the past for possible conflicts, collusion and favoritism between elected politicians and private industry (I’m talking about the famous Cheney/Halliburton relationship that consumed the Left media during Bush’s term), it would seem that some enterprising reporter at the New York Times or the Washington Post would want to determine if there are dots to connect on Dealergate. There’s certainly a plethora of information that begs for such an analysis if the Cheney/ Halliburton standard is still operative.

For example, is there a connection between former Penske executive Landers et al (the mega Chrysler dealer) and his former employer, the new owner of Saturn? Were the Chrysler closing decisions in any way influenced by the impending acquisition of Saturn by Penske? A skeptic might ask if the Chysler dealer markets were cleared of competition to not only make way for the Landers led Chrysler group but also to give the new Saturn owners (Penske) a better foothold in the market. I’m confident that these questions are foremost in the minds of Chrysler and Saturn competitors. This may indeed be the first salvo in leveling the playing field.

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