Romney Roasts Obama Foreign Policy Posturing

Mitt Romney drove home an important point yesterday by noting that the Obama administration’s foreign policy strategy is rapidly unwinding. At the heart of this policy debacle is the tacit belief that if the US “makes nice” to the world it will win the favor of our allies and opponents. Romney demolishes this concept:

“I take issue with President Obama’s recent tour of apology,” Romney said. “It’s not because America hasn’t made mistakes — we have — but because America’s mistakes are overwhelmed by what America has meant to the hopes and aspirations of people throughout the world.”

…Striking a hard line against Obama while speaking to the conservative Heritage Foundation, Romney said Britain’s Guardian newspaper wrote that Obama has been more critical of his own country while on foreign soil than any other president in American history.

“The president also claimed on Arabic TV that America has dictated to other nations,” Romney said. “No, America has sacrificed to free nations from dictators.” transcript here”

Nowhere is this foreign policy failure more evident than the president’s stance toward Israel. Democrats are starting to take notice:

“My concern is that we are applying pressure to the wrong party in this dispute,” said Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.). “I think it would serve America’s interest better if we were pressuring the Iranians to eliminate the potential of a nuclear threat from Iran, and less time pressuring our allies and the only democracy in the Middle East to stop the natural growth of their settlements.”

Jennifer Rubin wryly notes that Obama saves his “tough” rhetoric for the only democracy in the Middle East:

But it is interesting that Israel is the only country exempt from the “don’t dictate, listen instead” Obama outreach plan. (Clearly the way to go for Israelis is shoot off some missiles during a presidential speech, grab an American journalist or two and denounce American “imperialism.” [North Korea’s approach] Then they might get the kid glove treatment.)

As Shawn recently observed, the administration’s approach is “disdainful” of Israel and dangerous for America. It is becoming more and more apparent that there is no substance and careful thought going into the Obama administration’s foreign policy posturing; there is, however, the familiar sound of campaign cant.

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