President Obama Says "Buy Foreign"!

As expected, Obama’s hostile takeover of GM has moved into its next phase. Having removed its CEO and dismissed the rights of its creditors, President Obama’s thugocracy now begins its digestion of the corporation’s resources and structure.

In actual fact, however, what Obama’s cretin corps has accomplished is to drive Americans to buy foreign cars and trucks.

Consider the situation. First off, Obama has been driving the economy as ‘worst since the Depression’, ‘a crisis headed towards catastrophe’ and other canards, and whether he intended it or not the general effect of his statements and policies has been to drive a constant panic and state of fear. Where consumer confidence has recovered, it quite frankly has done so in spite of President Obama, not because of him. The immolation of two major automakers just so he can pay off his union buddies is not going to inspire Americans to buy new GM or Chrysler products; quite the opposite.

Purchasing a new car has always been a tough decision. A decent car runs into twenty thousand dollars or more, and then you have to consider the continuing cost of ownership; miles per gallon, warranty, safety features, durability, performance, and of course whether the vehicle is suitable for yourself and your family. In my case, for example, I would not even consider a vehicle without a foot or better road clearance, given the pothole situation in South Texas and occasional street flooding. Also, the engine must be V6 or more because of driving conditions, and when everything is considered an SUV is a must because of safety, work needs, visibility, power, and the other salient factors. I’m not even bothering to look at the Chevy Spitwad, the Chrysler Flea, or whatever they want to call those tin cars that impress Al Gore but would risk killing my family in the event of an accident. And I am far from the only person with that opinion. From discussions with neighbors, co-workers, and all sorts of real people, I can safely say that 99.999% of people who buy cars and trucks and SUVs, do so with no interest whatsoever about whether the UAW is happy with their choice.

So what do we know about the “new” Chrysler and GM that the Obamacon is foisting upon us? Well, they will cost more, they will focus on being “green” far more than whether they do what people need their cars for, and they will ignore the public and devote their attention completely to DC’s priorities. Government Motors will put out a car with the soul of the IRS, the business viability of Social Security, and the common sense of Nancy Pelosi. There are clear winners in this situation of course. Board rooms in Tokyo and Seoul, for example. But for all intents and purposes, Barack Obama has killed off two of America’s icons in the manner most likely to hurt the maximum number of American citizens.

Submission accomplished.

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