Mancow Waterboarding Was A Hoax

It turns out that Erich “Mancow” Muller faked the whole water boarding incident last week. Why am I not surprised that a radio DJ perpetrated some stunt to pump the ratings of his show? What is infinitely more interesting is to look back at the unctuous, self serving, self satisfied reaction of the Left as they first learned about this theatre.

Andrew Sullivan couldn’t wait to weigh in with the condemnation as he breathlessly looped Sean Hannity into the discussion:

Another would-be Hannity gets waterboarded for a few seconds. And he sees what it is, and what this country did.

Talking Points Memo couldn’t resist a dig at Hannity either as they swallowed the hoax hook, line and sinker:

If you haven’t seen the Mancow waterboarding, you can see the full video here. It’s powerful on a number of different levels.

The upshot is that the guy goes into it in cocky Hannity mode and then after maybe 5 or 6 seconds he struggles up and he’s converted, claiming it’s “absolutely torture”, that he never realized it was that bad, etc.

The left so badly wants the waterboarding/torture meme to be true that they fell for a hoax delivered by a radio DJ. This is but further evidence of how poorly informed and blinded the minions of the fever swamp have become.

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