Don't Worry About the Hispanic Vote

What a collection of namby-pamby wussies! I mean, of course, those esteemed – not to mention self-ordained – prophets of doom who insist that any sort of harsh criticism of the appointment of Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States will result in further election losses, as Hispanics will see the opposition as racist.

This claim is a cowardly lie, and nothing else. In fact, such a claim is itself a nasty form of racism, for the obvious fact that it brushes all Hispanics with the same vulgar insinuation, that a whole demographic group will react in the same way and not consider the deeper implications of Sotomayor’s belief that feelings sometimes trump fact or even the constitutional limits of a judge’s authority. It assumes that all Hispanics agree with the notion that some races should be granted preferential treatment by the courts and others suppressed, as in Sotomayor’s reverse discrimination decision against New Haven firefighters, including a Hispanic by the way among those denied their rights through liberal revisionist tactics. It seems to me a very arrogant contention, to presume that Hispanics are just a puppet demographic in thrall to the Left.

I live and work in Houston, Texas. It should come as no surprise then, that I know many Hispanics, from all sorts of nations and backgrounds. Like any large ethnic group, they exhibit a range of opinions on all sorts of issues and topics. Hispanics are no more monolithic as a voting bloc than anyone else. Yes, their culture influences their perspective, but just as they were not unduly swayed by Bush just because he speaks Spanish, neither will they consider Sotomayor only on the basis of her bloodline or genealogy. It may or may not be possible to prevent Sotomayor’s confirmation by the Senate currently in place, but the Republicans can and should challenge any hint of race bias or identity politics in a SCOTUS justice. Hispanic Americans love the ideals of our Constitution as much as anyone else, and the nation should be reminded in no uncertain terms that the only political party making racist assumptions is the Democratic Party.

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