The Rationing of Government Run Health Care

Last week in my column at American Issues Project, I wrote about the looming battle of health care rationing that would surely arise if we have a government run health care system like that in Canada and the UK. I presented the stories of several people who became ill and who suffered greatly at the hands of their government to illustrate how government run health care impacts real people.

Today Americans for Prosperity launched a new site called PatientsUnitedNow and has released a new video that tells us about Shona Holmes. She had a brain tumor that was so aggressive that she would have died while waiting to see a specialist in her home country of Canada. Thankfully, she was able to come to the US where she got her life saving treatment:

Shona is another example in a long line of examples that demonstrate how awful government run health care is. The Wall Street Journal writes about the conservative groups that are trying to push back against the moving tide toward a government run system by highlighting Shona’s plight.

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