Honoring Their Commitment

I didn’t do a Memorial Day post yesterday, but in my column at Townhall today I honor not only those who made the ultimate sacrifice, but all who made the commitment to serve in our armed forces. Here is an excerpt:

One thing most anti-war protesters learned from Vietnam is that Americans do not like it when those who fight wars on their behalf are disrespected. As a result, for the most part, returning heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq were spared the treatment their brothers who fought in Vietnam received. Thankfully those returning home have not been called baby killers or been spat upon by opponents of the war.

What has happened in many instances, however, is instead of making war heroes into villains, as happened during the Vietnam era, opponents (particularly of the war in Iraq) have made them into victims or they have simply ignored them.

…A couple of years ago I wrote that those in our armed forces don’t want pity, which is what they have been getting a good bit of over the past few years. They do not want to be portrayed as victims, because they are not victims. They want our respect and support. More important, they deserve our respect and support.

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