California's Prop 8 Upheld

Whether you agree with Prop 8 or not, it’s no real suprise that the California Supreme Court upheld the right of citizens to ammend their constitution.

(05-26) 10:29 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — California voters legally outlawed same-sex marriage when they approved Proposition 8 in November, but the constitutional amendment did not dissolve the unions of 18,000 gay and lesbian couples who wed before the measure took effect, the state Supreme Court ruled today.

The 6-1 decision was issued by the same court that declared a year ago that a state law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman violated the right to choose one’s spouse and discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation.

Prop. 8 undid that ruling. The author of last year’s 4-3 decision, Chief Justice Ronald George, said today that the voters were within their rights to approve a constitutional amendment redefining marriage to include only male-female couples.

It appears that, barring a future constitutional ammendment, the matter is now resolved in California.

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