Embracing Cheney

From David Limbaugh’s column on the dueling national security speeches yesterday from Cheney and Obama:

Never has a sitting president been as obsessed with scapegoating the policies of the preceding administration as Barack Obama.

David Limbaugh makes the point that many yesterday missed.

How convenient, also, for Democrats to overlook that Cheney didn’t start any of this. He isn’t going about the country leveling unprovoked attacks against the administration. He is responding to Democratic attacks and thuggish threats to criminalize Bush administration policies.

…He’s reacting to the far more current but equally vicious (though subtler) attacks against the Bush administration by President Barack Obama himself.

That guy at MSNBC who did an entire segment consisting of “tea bagging” references recommends David Corn’s predictable write up of the speeches. Corn and Shuster are amazed that Republicans are embracing Cheney. They just don’t get it. What is more amazing to me is that they choose to embrace the slick politician with the high approval ratings who raises his chin to the audience and talks about how moral he is and how superior his approach is to that of those who kept us safe for eight years. Those of us concerned about national security, who are living down here in the real world, are not looking at approval ratings. We are looking for the truth about the threats we face and we are looking for people who will act to keep us safe, without consideration of what it will do to their approval ratings.

Cheney is responding to the attacks of someone who evidently believes the only way he can distinguish himself on the issue of national security is to attack his predecessor. Obama flails about, alternating between attacking the methods of the former administration and embracing those same methods. If those in the media were being honest and impartial about it, they would have to acknowledge how small and (as David Limbaugh described it) obsessive it makes the current president appear.

Here is what it comes down to — Cheney is talking about the enemies we face and they are American-hating jihadists determined to destroy our way of life. Obama is talking about the enemy he faces — a previous administration that was successful in keeping the country safe beyond what any of us could have imagined on September 12, 2001. And those on the left are surprised those of us concerned about national security would embrace Cheney?

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