What Kind of Bird is This?

I found this bird wandering around my yard today but don’t have any idea what it is. Any bird watchers or bird experts out there who might know?

Here’s another angle:

Quail Visitor 007_1.jpg

It’s got to be about 18 inches long I think.

Update: It is a Yellow Golden Pheasant. Thanks to Facebook friend Jackie who pointed me in the pheasant direction. The Yellow Golden Pheasant is a color mutation from the Golden Pheasant, which is native to Western China. In the US they are raised in captivity, so someone nearby must have been breeding them and this guy managed to get away.

I am going to contact the Michigan DNR to let them know he is out in the wild. I don’t know if they will care or if they can even do anything now, but from what I read the DNR needs to know before this bird is released.

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