The Warrior Legacy Foundation

It is a shame (in every sense of the word) that this is needed, but since it is I am so glad that Matt Burden, David Bellavia and others have formed the Warrior Legacy Foundation. They are committed to “the protection and promotion of the reputation and dignity of America’s Warriors.” Here is an excerpt from Matt’s post at Blackfive explaining how the project began:

A month ago, bloggers like Pat Dollard and others like This Ain’t Hell have remarked at the partisan nature of veteran organizations. Many of you have express frustration with the current set that attempt to represent veteran issues but seem to have ulterior motives – painting veterans as victims is an easy way to raise money and get media attention.

But what does that do the public’s perception of us?

You all know the answer to that.

And you all know how BlackFive was started. I never wanted to be in this position. I was angry that my friends’ sacrifices were going un-noticed and just had to do something, anything. If you can’t pick up a rifle, then, then I feel you must do something to help.

On Memorial Day, six years ago, my friend gave his life to save a convoy of soldiers and two journalists. It is fitting that, this week before Memorial Day, we are talking about protecting his legacy. Read the rest at Blackfive and go to the Warrior Legacy Foundation website to see how you can help.

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