And So It Begins…

About 2 months after the “tax exemption” idea for the flailing print media industry was proposed by Senator Benjamin Gardin (D-MD), Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has approved a tax break for her state’s newspapers.

From The Seattle Times:

Gov. Chris Gregoire has approved a tax break for the state’s troubled newspaper industry.

The new law gives newspaper printers and publishers a 40 percent cut in the state’s main business tax. The discounted rate mirrors breaks given in years past to the Boeing Co. and the timber industry.

Newspapers across the country have resorted to layoffs and other cost-cutting moves to deal with a wounded business model and a recession-fueled drop in advertising.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer printed its final edition earlier this year and was converted to an Internet-only publication with a much-reduced staff.

In addition to this, Senator John Kerry (D-Mess) held a hearing on May 6th to promote the very same tax breaks and “non-profit” status for the print media industry, no doubt fueled by his hometown newspaper, the Boston Globe, and it’s horrific, self-inflicted financial troubles.

This is just a smaller, different version of a targeted “bailout”. One which will help to preserve the survival of a liberal propaganda machine.

It’s particularly ironic that Democrats who are so repulsed by tax-cuts for “big business” are so charitable when it comes to one industry which is so supportive of them.

Just how much further away are we from a full-scale financial bail-out of this transparently liberal biased institution, one which has carried the weight and water of democrats and their political allies for decades.

The “Fairness Doctrine” is right around the corner.

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