The Prejean-Trump News Conference

I just watched the news conference held by Donald Trump and Carrie Prejean regarding the decision that she will keep her Miss California crown. She was incredibly eloquent. I can’t imagine the pressure she was under. She addressed the photos that have been released. She said some were photoshopped and others were taken between posing on a windy day. The ones taken when she was 17 were not nude and were taken for her modeling book.

I saw some really nasty comments coming from a David Shuster Twitter account. After Shuster’s disgusting “tea bagging” segment nothing should surprise me, but I still had to go to the MSNBC website to make sure it was his real Twitter account. Here is a sampling:

# Prejean, who got cosmetic surgery before the pageant, just spoke of “how women can make a difference in the world.” Absolutely revolting.

# Everybody involved in this story – from Prejean to Terrell to pageant officials to Trump, – everybody involved makes me want to vomit.

# Donald Trump: Lying is fine by me.

# Can’t we just do away with these stupid beauty pageants? I’m anchoring 11am – 1pm today and sitting in for CM on Hardball tonight at 5p/7p.

# Tami Farrell, Miss CA runner up to Prejean: “She was binded by contractural obligations…” Umm, it’s BOUND BY…BOUND BY. Good grief.

Update: The Politico story focuses on Trump’s statement that Prejean’s position is the same as Obama’s.

The thing I liked most about Prejean’s statement was her focus on tolerance for those of differing views. Far too often it is considered ok, even admirable, to show intolerance of conservative viewpoints.

Update II: A commenter posted a link to the pictures of Prejean that TMZ ran and described them as “totally topless” and “full unobstructed frontal nudity.” That is a serious exaggeration. These are the same pics I referred to in the post (“taken between posing on a windy day”).

From what I can see, the pictures were not intended to be nude. She was working as a model in a photo shoot and was wearing a vest that was obviously supposed to be covering her breasts (at least partially). You can see that it was windy, her hair was blowing in her face, and she was trying to brush the hair out of her face. It is unbelievable that a supposedly professional photographer would release those two frames from her photo session to the public. (What a slimeball.)

Imagine a photo shoot with 50 or 100 or however many frames. I don’t know how many they shoot, but I know they take many, many shots to get the one they want. Since these were the only 2 released I assume her breasts were covered in the other 48 or 98 or however many frames. She might not have even realized how exposed she was in the shots. The photographer would have been shooting as she was moving and until she saw the finished product she probably didn’t know what he caught on film. Even if she did realize the vest slipped in 2 shots I doubt it is something she would have thought of when answering the question two years later.

You would think those on the Left might be a little more concerned about a President in the White House opposing gay marriage than a Contestant in a Beauty Pageant, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Update III: Wow. I don’t know that I have ever agreed with anything Jon Stewart has said as much as I do this hilarious take on the Prejean controversy. The funniest part is when he compares the “sexy picture slut” Prejean in the photo shoot to the “swimsuit role model” footage of her parading across the stage in her swimsuit.

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