Name That Source

Anonymous sources have long been a bone of contention among critics of the legacy media. Journalists often find themselves in the awkward position of having to use them only because it is the only way to tell a story that would otherwise never be told. The inherent risk is obvious: is the source a reliable conduit of truth or someone with an agenda?

The Wall Street Journal today quoted an unnamed Obama administration official who said more than just the truth. The source also revealed in one sentence the mindset and thinking of an administration that has shown a contempt for and ignorance of American capitalism that many voters have come to recognize in the first one hundred days of this administration.

Commenting on the controversial (and arguably illegal) tactics of the Obama administration in its conduct during the Chrysler bankruptcy negotiations with banks and bondholders it was said:

“You don’t need banks and bondholders to make cars,” the administration official.

As John Carney noted:

Oh, really? Then how is it Chrysler found itself needing to borrow so much money?

It has become manifestly clear that this comment captures the opinion of an administration that possesses an Ahab like obsession with transforming American capitalism to a system of picking winners and losers. It also sigals that the Obama administration will continue to feed tax payer dollars into a broken, government protected and subsidized union ownership business model that no private sector lender would ever loan money to again.

This is a story that will not end well.

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