Enhanced Interrogation Hypocrisy: What The Democrats Knew And When They Knew It

David Freddoso comments on the Pelosi hypocrisy regarding the enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) that the Speaker clearly knew about but recently claims selective amnesia (she’s now trying to hide behind the excuse that an aide was informed but not her).

I spoke to a senior Republican aide who feels that the speaker is getting an awfully easy ride on this — that the briefing of the Speaker’s aide clearly demonstrates that she knew what was going on in 2003, even if Pelosi is disputing exactly what was mentioned in the 2002 briefing.

“Look, the claim that a Pelosi staffer was briefed on these techniques but not Pelosi herself is absurd,” he said. “That’s just not the way the system works. Staff are not briefed on anything a Member wouldn’t be briefed on.”

Is there a clearer example of Democrats getting caught talking out of both sides of their mouth on an issue? Ed Morrissey notes that the prevaricating Pelosi has company within her own Party on this Monument of Doublespeak:

Nancy Pelosi isn’t alone in her lies and hypocrisy, according to Jim Angle at Fox News. The leaked CIA minutes of Congressional briefings on enhanced-interrogation techniques — more than 40 of them — show that leaders of both parties and members of the committees on intelligence got specifically and explicitly briefed on Abu Zubaydah’s waterboarding and other procedures used on high-value al-Qaeda detainees:

And a pointed comment on the CIA’s apparent concern about the release of the OLC memos:

The leak clearly shows that some in the CIA have resolved not to take the heat for waterboarding all by themselves, and shows what a miscalculation Obama made by releasing the legal memos. Until that time, the CIA appeared content to let people talk about Bush-era tactics in academic terms, especially since the agency had dropped the procedures in question several years earlier. After the release of the OLC memos prompted talk of prosecutions, that all changed, and now Obama knows how Bush felt when the CIA decided to leak damaging information to the press.

Because we have to live with the consequences of these incredibly poor policy decisions by the Obama administration and the outright dishonesty of Pelosi & Co. until at least 2010, it can only be hoped that this comeuppance results in some moderation. The combination of Obama’s Apologia Tour and the release of the OLC memos has done this country great harm (evidence the CIA’s efforts to get the real story out). The legacy media seems to have caught on finally, as Tom Maguire remarks that the recognized symptom of Name That Party is presenting among all the usual suspects.

EIT is every bit a Democrat problem as it is a Bush administration issue. The Democrats are simply depending on the selective amnesia of the MSM and the gullibility of an electorate still in the throes of diminishing Obamism for cover.

Update: Via Instapundit, I find something on which I can agree with Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN). By all means, let’s investigate them all.

Clarification: I’m not sure where Senator Alexander ends up on the EIT issue. I’m in favor of Congressional investigations into who knew what and when because most Americans, faced with the choices offered President Bush at the time, would and will support EIT.

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