Kind Capitalists, Scary Socialists

Melissa Clothier has a column at the American Issues Project website about the kindness of capitalism.

Liberals think of themselves as good people. They care. They demonstrate their caring by promoting things that show they care–like expanding public school into preschool (while they send their children to private school), like trumpeting the importance of unions (while going to shoot movies in towns that aren’t unionized because it’s cheaper), like increasing taxes for “the rich”–i.e. anyone who makes a penny more than them–(while not paying them, Obama’s whole cabinet).

All these programs sound good, or the end results do. Health care for all (government run health care)! Save the environment (cap and trade)! Employee free choice (card check)! Transparency (CIA memos to out and threaten former administration officials)!

But the real consequences of the liberal’s actions are hardly ever scrutinized because the point of these programs isn’t to actually make the world a better place, it’s to feel better about the self. I care about children. I care about the environment. I care about fair pay. I care about America’s ideals.While at the AIP site check out other columns by Jim Hoft and Laura Elizabeth Morales.

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