Clean Rhetoric Winners

Last week, we had a little contest; to see which commenters could make a logical case without the use of personal attacks and insults. Notably, many of those commenters who are prolific but hopelessly petty and bitter for once showed the good sense to leave this one alone, so that nine eligible contestants posted their comments regarding the qualities of President Obama’s policies and actions so far. I graded the submissions on clarity, internal logic, cited support, and breadth of perspective. The results in order of the submissions is as follows:

jennifer: Clarity A, Logic C, Support D, Breadth C, 9 points
hcddbz: Clarity A Logic A, Support A, Breadth C, 14 points
Heralder: Clarity A, Logic A, Support A, Breadth A, 16 points
steve sturm: Clarity A, Logic D, Support D, Breadth D, 8 points
Tony: Clarity D, Logic F, Support D, Breadth F, 2 points
James H: Clarity A, Logic C, Support C, Breadth A, 12 points
WildWillie: Clarity A, Logic B, Support B, Breadth B, 13 points
Stan25: Clarity A, Logic B, Support B, Breadth A, 14 points
hyperbolist: Clarity B, Logic C, Support D, Breadth D, 7 points

So from the points, fourth place goes to WildWillie, second place is a tie between hcddbz and Stan25, and first place goes to Heralder. Well done to everyone who took part, as this was a refreshing chance for people to present their case on the merits. Hope we can do this again soon, with more people partiicpating.

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