A Country of War Criminals

As I told you guys a week or so ago, America sees Jack Bauer as the hero, not the villain. A new CNN poll confirms.

A new national poll indicates that most Americans don’t want to see an investigation of Bush administration officials who authorized harsh interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists, even though most people think such procedures were forms of torture.

Six in ten people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday believe that some of the procedures, such as water boarding, were a form of torture, with 36 percent disagreeing.

But half the public approves of the Bush administration’s decision to use of those techniques during the questioning of suspected terrorists, with 50 percent in approval and 46 percent opposed.

“Roughly one in five Americans believe those techniques were torture but nonetheless approve of the decision to use those procedures against suspected terrorists,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “That goes a long way toward explaining why a majority don’t want to see former Bush officials investigated.”Duh. This should come as no shocker for any average, everyday American. But I wonder what all those out-of-touch with real America pseudo-journalists at MSNBC think.

(I totally stole the post title from Michael Goldfarb.)

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