By All Means Necessary


There are some evil, dangerous people in this world. Some more evil than others, but no less dangerous when it comes down to it.

They live in the sewers of humanity. They have an indifference to the lives of others, and their own, which boggles the mind of compassionate, decent people.

Sometimes, in order to figure them out, to deal with them, and help to make the world a safer place, we need to crawl down in the gutters and sewers with them.

Is it something deemed desirable in a perfect world? No. Is it due more to situational reality than anything else? Yes.

Waterboarding seems to be at the crux of the “torture” argument.

Waterboarding is not torture. It is a form of interrogation. It’s not a discussion. It’s not an action to be considered “civilized”, normal behavior. But, it is the kind of action which gets a necessary response from those who otherwise would like to see you and me dead.

If “other means” of obtaining actionable information were able to do the job, those means would have worked. I hardly think that our operatives are sitting there, rubbing their hands together, waiting eagerly to subject others to uncomfortable measures.

All that said, I’m damn glad we do it.

I don’t care if that takes a bit of luster off our virtues. Our virtues are strong enough and shine bright enough to the rest of humanity that we can afford to bend that light alittle. I don’t care if other nations, which have done alot worse to their own people, don’t look at us in such a distinguished, untarnished manner. Especially since we do most of the heavy lifting defending them.

I care if we are safe.

I care if we are able to live our lives in the way in which we want and have become accustomed to.

And if running some water up the snout of some moral-less scumbag who has intentions of slaughtering as many good people as possible gets the info we want, than I say let it fly.

Righteous bleeding-heart do-gooders who think everything can be solved with dialog and raps on the wrists refuse to acknowledge that there is a deep and dark world out there, full of monsters their mommies said didn’t exist. They are the ones who are demonizing techniques and the people who employ them which should not be part of the public knowledge to begin with.

Actions which we have taken to ensure the safety and security of this country have been leaked, analyzed, debased and condemned for the sake of political expediency. And for no other reason.

So lets have it out. If all of the techniques we have used over the last 8 years were deemed intrinsically beneath us, then lets hear what is acceptable. Secrecy be damned. If entities like the New York Times deem fit to release classified information about one, than the rest should be public knowledge for all. Or are there certain rules for certain people?

I’m sick of hearing that we’ve been the boogie-men of the world for the steps we’ve taken. Steps which should never have seen the light of day in the first place..

Demonizing people who have done the hard work of getting their hands dirty for the sake of the protection of our country is not noble. It’s not thoughtful analysis, and it’s not going to protect us from the evil that plans to inflict a larger, truer torture on us.

It only serves to hurt and humiliate us in the eyes of the world. It’s going to decimate the will, morale, and honorable motives behind the important work that they preform on our behalf.

That, in itself, is its own torture.

Happy May Day AG Holder
A Prediction Re-stated