Report Cards

So, President Obama has completed his first 100 days in office, and the pre-completed report cards love notes from the media are in. Now that we’ve had a decent chance to see Obama’s idea of leadership, it seems we can present a composite report card ourselves.

Here’s how it works: the reader gets to vote A,B,C,D,F, or incomplete on grades in Economics, History, Defense, the Constitution, the Judiciary, and Leadership. The grades will be assigned to not only President Obama, but also in retrospect Presidents G.W. Bush and Wiliam Jefferson Clinton.

But that’s not all.

Bias is an undeniable factor in how someone assesses grades, so readers will also grade other commentors bias on a scale of 0 to 5 for liberal or conservative tendencies (as in liberal 1 to 5, conservative 1 to 5, or 0 balance). The grades from that commenter on the presidents will therefore reflect on the polarity of responses, as well.

Since it’s my article, I will go first:

B.H. Obama
Economics: F – he may not be a socialist, but his policies clearly are
History: F – rejecting what works in favor of what gets votes is the way of the fool
Defense: D – Obama is weaking America’s resolve and ability
Constitution: D – fast and loose is not the presidential standard
Judiciary: incomplete
Leadership: F – the man is evasive and flees from accountability
Overall GPA – 2 points in 5 classes, 0.4 GPA

G.W. Bush
Economics: C – W responded well at times, not so much at others. He also gave Obama excuses for his own deficit scams
History: A – Bush knows history and it shows
Defense: A – A few flubs but a solid strategy and sound doctrine
Constitution: B – could have done more to protect rights
Judiciary: A – solid picks, especially at the fed judge level
Leadership: B – finished weak but on the whole a good fight
Overall GPA – 20 points in 6 classes, 3.3 GPA

W.J. Clinton
Economics: A – the man knew his numbers
History: B – a bit manipulative and short-sighted, but effective in terms of making himself look good
Defense: D – Clinton was anti-military, plain and simple
Constitution: F – as bad as Nixon in manipulating the founders’ key document
Judiciary: F – poor choices and damaging to the country
Leadership: C – could be effective, usually passive however
Overall GPA – 10 points in 6 classes, 1.6 GPA

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