No brakes

“Now we can get things done without explaining process,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told CNN on Tuesday. Now that’s Change in which we can believe. I’ve got to assume most Americans are just as tired as I am of furrowing their brows while trying to dissect the trials and tribulations of legislating. Just get on with the business of reaching into my rich neighbor’s pocket so we can build trains no one will use, windmills no one can afford, and crappy, overpriced little electro-mobiles no one wants to buy. I don’t care how the sausage is made, I just want more of it and it better be free.

There are no brakes, the ghosts of FDR and LBJ are at the wheel, they’ve been drinking heavily, and Lydon keeps waving his genitals at pedestrians while he’s driving. There’s no way it can end well. Although it will be fun watching the Dems as they try deflect blame when their wide-open throttle suicide entry into Dead Man’s Curve results in the inevitable fiery wreck.

The Republicans were just as bad, you say? Let’s take another look at the Washington Post’s invaluable Projected Deficit graphic:

Bush and a Republican Congress inherited a recession, then 9/11 happened. Surplus turned to deficit. Deficit peaked in 2004 while fighting two wars. Deficits begin declining. The Democrats regained control of Congress in 2006. The last Republican Budget – for fiscal 2007 – is passed in 2006. Obama and a Democrat Congress give us in 100 days a projected deficit that quintuples the largest Bush deficit, and exceeds it ad infinitum.

There are no excuses. I’m the first to admit Bush was a disappointment when it came to spending and expanding government. By what logic is the cure for “the failed policies of the last eight years that got us into this mess” to spent five times more? GDP contracted by 6.1% in the first quarter, which means even lower tax receipts. Now even the CBO’s estimate is as optimistic as a Lion’s Super Bowl victory. I foresee $2 trillion deficits for at least three years. I hope I’m wrong, but does anyone believe they’ll start spending less anytime soon?

With Arlen “New Coke” Specter’s well publicized and formal pledge of allegiance to the Democratic Party, this morning ushered in the Nancy, Harry, and Barack era. Since I am in 180 degree disagreement with them on virtually every issue I, like many others, hope they fail to enact their agenda. It would be ruinous for us financially, and even more importantly would put government in the position of controlling every facet of our lives.

Health care managed by Washington. Energy production managed by Washington. Banking managed by Washington. Auto manufacturing managed by Washington. Agriculture managed by Washington. Throw in a future tax burden which will surely require the government to absorb other essential means of production and it’s easy enough to see where they want to go. If only there were some historical situation we could revisit when contemplating strong, centralized government control of the economy in some sort of large Cold War superpower type continental-sized land mass…

No brakes, no worries. They’ll end up careening into a ditch before too much damage is done. Specter’s just ballast anyway.

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