The Handcuffs We Willingly Wear

My column at Townhall today is about the call for prosecution of those tasked with keeping the country safe over enhanced interrogation techniques. In it I note the ridiculous comparison some on the left are making to the Nuremberg trials.

Those on the angry left are out for blood and the man they helped elect president appears afraid to deny them their witch hunt. Unfortunately for President Obama and those on the left, this is not a terribly difficult issue for most Americans to understand and many will see the attempted prosecution (and other forms of persecution) of former administration officials, CIA agents, lawyers, etc. for what it is – politically motivated and dangerous to our national security.

Most Americans can tell the difference between following orders to gas innocent men, women and children to death in Nazi concentration camps in the service of a murderous psychopath and following orders to make a suspected (and sometimes confessed) terrorist believe he might be drowning in order to extract information in an effort to save the lives of thousands of innocents.

Don’t expect Americans to look favorably on an administration willing to compromise national security to settle political scores or in an attempt to gain political advantage. According to pollster Scott Rasmussen, 58 percent of Americans believe Obama’s recent release of CIA memos regarding enhanced interrogation techniques endangers national security.

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