Priests And Marriage

I am a Christian.

I am not a “bible thumper”, nor do I go to church as much as I probably should. And my prayer routine is somewhat lacking of late.

Nevertheless, I believe that morals and teachings passed on from the church are based on goodness and healthy living. If you live by these morals, you will succeed in obtaining a peaceful and happy life.

That’s what I believe, anyway.

I feel that adhering to the will and traditions passed down through the centuries from Christian beliefs are meant to enrich and guide a persons existence. This is especially true in regards to marriage.

Which brings me to a question I’ve often pondered.

Why is it that Catholic priests cannot be married?

I understand that you cannot serve two masters, but if you are a Christian, your life is supposed to be devoted to the Holy Spirit alone. So if I or anyone else who is not of the cloth can be married, why not a priest?

I see no conflicts or dangers in allowing them to marry. It is purely born out of an old belief of celibacy and a fear of separating from the norms of familiarity.

I can only see benefits.

In all probability, it would help to increase the number of men who believe they have a calling to serve God, yet cannot because they are married. As it stands now, there is a shortage of men joining the priesthood, and this would help to be an acceptable avenue to “grow the ranks.”

I often hear of couples seeking advice from their priest concerning marriage counseling. While it is not necessary to be married to give counsel to a couple concerning marriage (I doubt every marriage counselor is married), it would lend a unique insight to obtain counsel from a priest who has devoted himself to God while loving another human being. Having the knowledge of all the frailties, joys, possibilities, and trials that a couple is subjected to would be a unique amalgamation which would likely give rise to emotional well-being that would otherwise be lacking in celibacy.

Now, I know someone will put forth the notion that this would lessen the horrid act of sexual abuse in the church. This is bogus. If you feel the urge to engage in acts of such despicable nature, than it would not matter if you are a priest, a doctor, or a garbage man.

In addition to marriage within the Catholic church itself, I also see no reason why women should not be allowed to become priests.

If you are called by God to do his work, it should be deemed a blessing, and not denounced within the prism of human judgment. A woman who devotes herself to God and feels such a desire to preach His message and the teachings of Christ should be looked upon with the same reverence and respect as a man.

Celibacy is not a condition decreed by God. It is one of human creation.

It may be time to change.

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