The 100 Day War On America

The 100 Day War on America

Despite the frenetic pace at which Barack Obama and his shifty minions have chosen to ram-rod their leftist/socialist agenda down the throats and up the backsides of the citizens of this country, these past 100 days feel like the longest on record.

With both houses of Congress having been stacked to the gills with radical leftest automatons, Obama has pretty much had carte blanche with his plans for the destruction of American capitalism as we know it. (Especially when he has the help of feckless RINOs like Senators Specter, Snow and Collins in which to turn.)

By keeping the populace swept up in a constant heightened state of “crisis” and the nation in a perpetual state of “catastrophe”, he has been able to churn out his $787 billion “stimulus” package, of which we have seen no actionable proof of success.

He was able to bypass all possible warranted concern, speeding it through Congress so quickly that no one member had even the time to read the bill in it’s entirety. And that is exactly the way he wanted it.

For a man who likes to present things with tasty flourishes and teleprompting goodness, his shameful signing of the $410 billion appropriations bill, stuffed with nearly 9,000 porky earmarks (earmarks which he campaigned against during the election), was conveniently signed behind closed doors, with barely a blip on the main-stream-media’s radar.

Swept up in the storm of crafted crisis, we were told we had to bail out certain industries and institutions. Industries and institutions that were “too big to let fail”. Borrowing and spending our way to a harrowing $11 trillion deficit in just three months of Obama’s short tenure. A truly remarkable and scary accomplishment for someone who has no experience or executive financial acumen, and a debt which will be paid by us for generations to come.

His “down-payment” of $634 billion for a nationalized health care appetizer is another stealth maneuver, riding on the dirty coattails of the Porkulus bill, glossed over by the manufactured crisis directed with feigned outrage of AIG bonuses and anything else which could be conveniently demagogued and bogusly demonized at the time.

These, and other “lesser” issues were all interjected and passed in an orgy of ideological lust: Funding for overseas abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, gutting of the defense department budget. All things that point to America’s idealistic fortitude, changed to fit a warped, but frighteningly efficient agenda.

The Great “America Sucks” Tour

Obama has condemned the United States for acting “arrogant’, “dismissive”, and “derisive” of our innocently cooperative “allies” in Europe. He bows to tyrants. Does a “cool-cat” handshake with Hugo Chavez. Makes new found “comrades”. Apologizes for everything from the treatment of Native American Indians, to slavery, to Iraq, while reminding a gleeful global audience that we are the only nation to actually use a nuclear weapon.

All this culminating to present foreign policy disasters in the making. Expressing desires to “normalize” relations with such friendly regimes as North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and any other rogue totalitarian regime that will pretend to listen, all the while readying his cabinet for a “confrontation” with Israel, our only democratic friend and ally in the fetid middle-east.

Truly bizarre.

Last but not least, he and his lackeys on the hill have expressed a sincere desire to investigate and bring possible prosecutions against those in the Bush Administration for their roles in what has now officially been deemed by Team Obama and the media as “torture’ of the purveyors of “man-made disasters”, going so far as threatening to release more photos of alleged “abuse” at the hands of henchmen.

I guess the Muslim world needs another excuse to hate us more than they do already.

And the far left needs a little payback for helping to elect a weak, “blame America firster” who just can’t help himself.

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