The Deadline Approaches

Print media has been in a steep decline for years.

Declining ad revenue, mismanagement, biased editing, the 24 hour news cycle, and, most importantly, the rise of the internet, have culminated into the downfall of the once mighty print media empire.

Take for example, the New York Times, and its sister rag, the Boston Globe. The Times has a debt last quarter of $1.3 billion. The globe expects to lose $85 million in 2009.

Times is tough.

Alas, not to worry!

The Senate’s most esteemed empty suit, John F-ing Kerry, wind sails to the rescue with a reassuring letter stating he is “committed to your fight, committed to your industry, and committed to ensuring that vital public service newspapers provide does not disappear.”

Translation: Democrats are spooked of loosing a valuable propaganda mouthpiece if newspapers sink.

Mr. Kerry has assured the newspapers that he will call for hearings “to address the woes of the nations print medium.”

What Mr. Kerry fails to or elects not to understand, is that if these newspapers would report events instead of spinning everything into mini-editorials, readers would be more apt to take the content seriously. Being preached to by entrenched, elitist, leftist blowhards is not news. It is tainted opinion. Propaganda at its most blatant, and it is starting to nip the tails of the powers that be.

If this trend continues, and it will, you will see a movement in congress to to bailout the print media industry.

You can put that in writing.

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