Earth Day Is Here!

Earth Day.

A day when people of the Earth can get together and take pride in feeling good about the planet.


A day when do-gooders of the world unite in one voice and proclaim “I’m gonna do something for the environment today.” Not yesterday, or tomorrow. Not the other 364 days of the year, but just this one day.

How pathetic.

People around the world unite in one action, and feel good about themselves for throwing a can into a recycling receptacle.


Aside from the fact that Earth Day is becoming nothing more than a media driven marketing scheme, with cards, shirts, and hats being sold to make people feel good about themselves, and to make money, it has become a farcical rallying cry for part-time “environmentalists” who want to prove that they are a part of something larger than themselves.

Like good little leftists, they prance around proclaiming just how good they are participating in this meaningless event, trumpeting how much they care about the planet. One day out of the year, they decide to actually pay attention to how their actions affect the world around them, preforming menial tasks done solely to make themselves feel that they are “caring stewards”, part of a larger scheme of things.

If these do-gooders had any sincerity, they would not wait for a day on the calendar to participate in the welfare of the planet. They would actively engage themselves in the other 364 days out of the year to do something meaningful to better the environment and its inhabitants.

I am an avid admirer of nature. I am astounded by the complexity, beauty, and resiliency of this planet. I spend hours out in desolate surroundings photographing, appreciating, and feeling a part of what is around me.

I don’t need a day on a calendar to tell me to do this.

Declaring a day to pay attention does nothing to better the impact we have wrought on our environment. It takes dedication, reasoned thought, and selfless determination to actually make a difference bettering our planet. And that does not mean coming up with some cockamamie scare tactics to bludgeon citizens into blind submission to wacky environ-mentalist bilge.

Respecting where we live, examining how we live, and noticing the way in which we may contribute to our possible bad habits in relation to our surroundings can go a long way to keeping our environment clean, helping to pass it on to future generations, and ensuring that what we have done will have made a difference.

But by all means, participate today. Just don’t let your arm fall off patting yourself on your back.

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